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Full solution for every material in dental

Pmma / soft metals / zirconium / wax / CrCO / peek

Ceramic and titanium are optional

Wide range of material options requires wide range of tools

20 tools in one place

Can work continuously without any stop

And does not need constant observation because of it's auto tool check

Technical info

Number of axis : 5
Movements : 200 x 100 x 70mm
A & B axes tilt angle : 24 degrees
Control : High Speed YC
Axis motors : AC Servo
Spindle power : 1.3 kW Spindle
Spindle RPM : 60.000 rpm
Number of blocks : 1 pc
Tool Change : 20 pockets
Tool length switch : Standard
Weight : 140 kg

Image Map


Work area light
20 times tool changer
Tool length switch IP67
AC servo motors
Precision guides and ball screws
PC with touch screen
Cover buttons
Precision gear boxes


Cam Software 5 axis
Sister tool
Auto tool length check
Email messages
Batch Jobs

You can have it with table for extra space for water tank.

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