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In the dental CAD / CAM industry, our company is able to produce high quality CNC milling machines with superior technology infrastructure beyond customer demands, realization of all processes applied at international quality level, protection of the environment during our activities and continuous improvement with the participation of employees, conducting R&D studies and following market trends. Our company has adopted customer satisfaction as the QUALITY POLICY so that the products we produce are realized in the most appropriate way to the economic and technical requirements of our customers.
As a requirement of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, which aims to control every stage of the business process, high quality and efficiency, low cost and timely delivery are targeted. As a requirement of its quality policy, our company undertakes to provide continuous training to its employees, to comply with all applicable conditions and compliance obligations and to continuously improve the system in order to become a reliable, branded and sought-after brand in its field.

General manager

1996 :Yena started to import CNC machines from countries like USA , England , Germany , Spain for domestic market. We sold around 300 machines in 4 years .
2000 : We started to produce CNC milling machines for the Turkish market . We have more than 200 machines in domestic market.
2003 : We produce first dental machine for a German company . Until 2008 we sent more than 180 machines to Germany.
2008 : Yenadent company established . Yenadent started to produce dental machines. ( D40 )

Today : More than 2000 machines has been sold in 75 countries .
Company moved to its own building . Yenadent-Europa established and moved to its own building in Vierzon France .


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