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YenaScan N7

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• Accuracy of the system <5 micron estimated by comparison with industrial cmm machines
• Ease of use
• Automatic alignment of the elements
• Open positioning of models and abutments
• Software modular and upgradable over time
• Work saved continuously and automatically
• Output open file format

• Stl, obj. off, ply
• Easy dialog with main cao software
• Structured light technology
• Simultaneous design and scanning
• Custom parameters
• Automatic re-calibration
• No compulsory licence fees
• Upgrades available during the time
• Optional extended guarantee 24 months


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Technical Specs :

Max. temperature: 1600°C
Time to reach Max. temp: 30 min.
Ramp rate: Max. 56°C/min
Cooling time: 30-180 min


Voltage Range: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Current: 15 A
Power: 3300 Watts

Exterior dimensions:

Height: 55 cm
Width: 34 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Weight: 42 kg

Tray size: 10 cm
• Super quality, MoSi2 heating elements.
• Furnace has a capacity of 100 programs.
• Yenadent Tegra series have a spesific facility which enables the running program to automatically continue after a power failure. You
can leave the program running at night time and the furnace will enter power savings mode when the rogram is finished. This will allow you to efficiently manage up to 4 - 5 cycles a day.
• You can operate the furnace in 3 languages. Further languages can be added if you request before purchase.
• Very ergonomic step by step programming via touchscreen interface
• 1600°C maximum working temperature
• 1 tray included in package, up to 3 trays can be stacked on the lift. Fits up to 90 mm diameter works.
• Table top design
• 3.300 Watts Power consumption
• 100 mm of base diameter to easily accept 90 mm OD trays
• 4.3” Color touch screen controller.
• 220 - 240 Volts


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  • Milling history and partially milled discs management
  • High resolution milling and margin line milling
  • indexed or continuous 4/5-axis milling
  • Zirconia milling dedicated tools (scale factor, annealing
  • conectors, attachment reduction)
  • Optimized metal milling thanks to remachining and
  • flexible high speed toolpaths.
  • Preset milling parameters depending on material,
  • machine and block type
  • Simple and double attachments for block optimization.
  • Automatic nesting, to mill more dentures at once, thus
  • saving both time and space
  • Automatic STL inclination, for block-height
  • optimization
  • Production report and reference engraving, for better
  • traceability
  • Automatic collision checking before milling
  • Management of tool changer and machine features
  • (suction, micro-lubrication, wet milling)
  • Simultaneous 5-axis milling
  • Implant milling
  • Surgical guides milling


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Yenadent provide all type of consumables for D series machines
  • Zircon Blocks
  • CrCo Blocks
  • PMMA and Wax blocks
  • Model Blocks
  • Cutting Tools
  • Calibration Blocks
  • Scan Abutments
  • Screws

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